Sunday, July 19, 2009


I opened my closet today and found my life n relations mixed in it. Today m trying to organize it. here I go.....................

First section that keeps my Daily wear; I don’t have to think too much abt this section. This section has all the natural fabrics……. Ordinary and simple,,, but this is the place where m most comfortable!!! It might not b that trendy but I know whatever may b the season it will always have something for me. (FAMILY and CLOSE FRIENDS,includes the special sum1 olso)

Second one is my Casual wear; little trendy lil stylish but still comfortable, don’t hav to pretend my self. This section has all the stuff which suits me and my mood. When I am confused, this is the only section where I can look back to (FRIENDS)

Third one is Party wear; I hav to think a lot at times abt it. Some times they r uncomfortable, sometimes not,they r trendy and fashionable and I hav to keep it lively; after all they make me look gud. (RELATIVES and SOCIETY)

Fourth one is Not my type wear; initially they seem attractive to me but later on I realize that they r not my types and most of them are gifted to me. I hav kept it in one corner of closet butI don’t know how they always get mixed up with every other sectionA. This stuff is uncomfortable, I can’t wear it but they themselves comes into my hands. The More I avoid them,the more they come back to me.(IRRITANTS)

Fifth one is One time wear; liked it so bought it, but never got a chance or xact place to wear it or wore it only once. Looked at them, smiled at them and kept them again in the same place. It might b of no use but still makes me feel gud. This section has got a spl soft corner in my heart. Don’t know y? (CRUSH and AFFECTIONS of LIFE)

SiXth one is- Dream wear; whenever I get a chance i wear such them,This section is spl to me after all it has my tag on it. (FUTURE DREAMS and FANTASIES)

oh!!finally my closet is arranged!!!!!
hope it never gets messed up again.....................


Manjari Singh said...

u have sections?? wow!

IcE MaiDeN said...

oh wow awesome post archie!!! u knw as i was goin thru each section, i was relatin it to my sections.. :) d clothes as well as d ppl who fall into the categories...

it was one of the most innovative thngs i hav ever read!! :)


archana said...

yes dear me hav got diff sections
kabhi ghar aana bataungi tujhe:) but 1 thing ..these sections r always messd up...lolz

sAu said...

wow !!!!

seriously, how comfortably u categorized things n that with aspect of life ..

bebo ♥ said...

i like your closet.
wish i cud categorize like this.