Friday, March 27, 2009

Dreams----my unanswered questions(pls do not make fun)

Dreams have always played a very major role in my life since childhood,they have been an eye opener&at times they hav stopped me from takin a wrong step etc etc.For every common person in this world, dreams are good as well as bad,they have good dreams like gettin married,gettin their dream job, and bad dreams like some accidents or sum failures or a general haunted dreams.

Every person see's dreams,gets up in the morning and later he forgets about it and gets back to his daily routine.That's how a normal individual behaves.But thats not the case with me.As i told earlier,, dreams have always been a very important aspect in my life since childhood.M unlike others,I try connecting my dreams to the reality and try to look for my answers.

I know sounds weird,waste,or senseless, but for me it isnt.Because the dreams which i get are not the normal ones.Since childhood i have always got dreams which are super strange and are always linked in some or the other way with my life.I beleive"EVERY DREAM IS CONNECTED WITH REALITY".With the help of a astro freind of mine,i have got my answers to most of my dreams and i even got to know what they indicate.Here are few of those:-
1) When i was in my college days,i often dreamt of falling down from the mountain and someone pushing me from the mountain.I would daily see myself dying in that dream with all blood stains spread on the ground.This continued for more than 2months.I was really upset with this when one day i just happened to share this with this freind of mine.We were childhood freinds but never did i learnt from her that she is into astrology and face reading n even a good palmist.I just told her that I cant sleep since 2months &there she was ready with my unanswered questions.
MY DREAM INDICATED:-some good freind of mine is goin to backstab me n is really jealous of me and wants to harm me.
The min she told me i did not beleive,i was like okayh..haan humm types and i left for my place.Next day i woke up ,went to my college and i learnt that a very good freind of mine is spreadin rumours abt me n is acting good in front of me but in reality she is a BITCH who is super jealous of me and doesnt wants good to happen with me.I was surprised that woteva this astro pal of mine said came 2 b so true n the dream indicated all this.I broke my freindship with that bitch.................
2)The second incident happens to be that, my guy's father had passed away and soon after 1month i had this dream of me sitting under a tree with a baby in my hand and his father was standing at the end of the road and watchin me and crying.I was going mad thinking about what exactly could that indicate?I really did not wish to bother my freind for this but i really couldnt stop myself from askin her the meaning of this dream.
MY DREAM INDICATED-me sitting below the tree with the baby showed that i care for my child and uncle watchin me from the end indicated that he really wanted to see me and the child as a part of his family.Man i was zapped when i knew about it..I really felt sad that i couldnt fulfill this wish of his.....I wish he was alive today to see my future with his son.................
3)As i started entering my early 20's my dreams wer full of big snakes.I would see snakes roaming in my house,I would see snakes rolling all over my body,or at times i would see snakes playing like pets with me.I just hate snakes,i remember i would wake up screaming and crying saying help me pls pls!!!!!!.......... well little did i knew that what excatly it means to see a snake in ur dreams
MY DREAM INDICATED--- If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. . As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

Well there are many more incidents and dreams in my life ,which shook me,but since, it is a blog, i really have to limit my words and come to the main story of my dreams....THE DREAMS WHICH ARE UNANSWERED SINCE MY CHILDHOOD and m goin insane figuring out what do they mean?
Every year exactly during diwali's 5 days ,I get a very very very scary haunted dream.I see a female wearing a white saree n she comes and harms me or my family in some or the other way and some or my other family member dies in that dream.The female has long hair,scary face,blood stains all over her face and she is very tall.Sometimes that female comes in groups with her fellow mate or sometimes she is single.Every damn year,can u beleive it every yr on any one of the 5 days of diwali I see this female in a haunted dream.This has been continuing right since i was 10yrs old.I took it very lightly before.But Once when i was in my 8th grade,i remembr i had been 2 my masi's place 2 hyderabad to celebrate diwali.It was the night prior to lakshmi pujan.I was sleepin,n sudenly at 2.30 in the night i realised that the female has enetered my dreams.She was stopping me to board my train from hyderabad to mumbai,and when i did not listen to her she killed all my family members and she left me alive.She was laughing!!!The min i realised my family is no more i started crying aloud n screaming mummy,daddy.....and i had no clue that m screaming in reality and not my nightmare.This nightmare made me more suspicious as what does those dream indicate every yr?I initially thought may b if i go to some other place i wont get such dreams but still that year i got the dream and many other times too when i went 2 my nani's place for diwali.......i asked my freind too ,but she too has no answers for this,Every year i cant see that female killng my family,dont know who she is what she wants?????Is she good or is she bad?What is the connection?Why exctly during diwali?is it because its a AMAVASYA that time or some other reason.All my family members and close relatives are aware of it,I have even tried applied vibhuti n sleepin during those nites but still the devil has not failed to capture my dreams.Is it because I am 666 born n 666 is supposed to be a evil's number?Does the evil really wants me to come and join her community??I still have no answers...........
The second unanswered dream of mine is-
Its been 4yrs that we hav shifted to a new appartment.But there is something that bothers me a lot,yes its my dream.Whenever i see a dream which has my house included in it,i never see my new house but see my old one.Its been more than 4 yrs now that i left my old house,and the old house is no longer ours,we sold it out long back but still dont know y cant i see my new house?Is it that my old house wants me 2 go back again,or is it the because that i have spent my whole childhood over there n i am very much attched to it?Even this morning i saw a dream where i was getting married and all the funcions wer going on at my house,every one was happy including my parents .But the min i opened my eyes,and started recollecting about the dream,i realised that i was again in the same old house but not the new one where i stay....i actually started crying...because again it was my same old house.Yes i was sad as this is not done?When shall i start seeing my new house?its been more than 4 long years.......................

Well this was the journey of my dreams.I hope u guys help me get my answers...I really dont want anyone to laugh on it or make fun of it as this is something really personal and close 2 my life