Saturday, April 25, 2009

To a special freind............i love u...........

U make me feel higher than the moon

this warm feeling u give me inside

there could be no better

it feels like no more i have to hide

U brought me out of myself

showed the world what i had to give

i cant believe i finally found

the one that i wanna be with

This feeling is so hard to explain

like no words exist to show how i mean

its better than floating upon cloud nine

U give my heart a brand new sheen

This is one love I'm not letting go

I'm gonna hold on tight

and make us last

cos the love we feel is oh so right

I know u feel the same

and not just cos u tell me so

its the little things you do for me

its like i m never on a low

There's just one more thing that i wish

for you and me to never part

i want to keep the love we share

as fresh as from the start

I'm gonna stop this rhyming now

for those of u who know

love cant be written in words

its in the little things u show..........................I love u............