Saturday, April 18, 2009



MAIN UDNA CAHTI THI.......................!!!!
Every little girl dreams of becoming an airhostess,i dreamed the same.Becoming an airhostess was not just a fantasy for me but it was my madness.I had well in advance decided "after I am done with my academics i would soon puruse my diploma in AVIATION".So after my results were out i went and got myself enrolled with the worlds number no1 airhostess training acadmey.I still remember how excited i was when i was through with my interview process for the enrollment and i had got the selection letter.

Soon after the enrollment,my classes commenced.My first day in the institue was not that good as i had no freinds there and was sitting alone on the last bench.But as days passed i made many freinds and i was the miss congeniality in my class.Some girls would hate me while some would just adore me for my multi tasking skills. I was good with my grooming,assignments,my persentations,my interviewing skills,my mock interviews.My faculties were impressed with me too.The best thing for which I was known for in my batch was that i would get ready in just 10mins,ie right from changing n wearing my uniform,my stockings,my shoes,to doin my make up,to hairstyling..all this in just 10mins,while i remember all other girls would come 1hr prior to the class to do all this and still they would enter 5mins late for the class....lols
Soon i started feeling that no one can stop me,i have evrythin in me...i started gettin over confident:(Never did i even imagine that the aviation industry would be hit by a big crisis and all my dreams will b shattered.Today i m nothing.I just have a DIPLOMA degree in aviation and nothin else in my life.I feel like a looser when people keep askin me "what happened abt ur flying dreams"?.....I have no answer other than walkin off from there.Still ,whenever i go to the airport and see those goregous looking females with those tight uniforms and a bright smile on their face ,I ask only one question to myself

"when will i fly"?????????????????????????????????????????