Friday, January 8, 2010

TO MY ILMB GALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helloooooooooo guys!!!!!!I am back to blogging,,after 6 long months.I hope u guys missed me,lolz.Life has changed bigtyme in these 6months.There was a time when i used to have no work to do and today i hardly find free time for myself.Today I am so happy with my life that i cant express.You all(the IMLB gals) know what my life was before!!There was not a single day when i used to not cry...all thanks to that styppid moron ex bf of mine.The ILMB girls have helped me a lot in my life n m really thankful 2 each and every one of you all..Thank gawd m totally out of that shit now n super happy with my new guy(TOUCH WOOD).Yes gals u heard it right....theres a new guy in my life.Life with him has been so beautiful that i cant describe.
If i start talkin abt him poora blog bhar jayega....lolz....these 6months have been the best days of my life.I have realised one thing that whatever happens is for Good:),and m thankful to GOD for everything....Well the main reason of writing this post was that i wanted 2 tell people that yes ARCHIE IS ALIVE n she wll b back again into bloggin...... Missed you guys a lot....



Satans Darling™ said...

Very happy for you.... All the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy for you dear! have a great life!