Sunday, March 22, 2009


Marriage is perhaps the only union that cannot be organized…. Both sides think they are the management!!!Consequently, fights do happen… Even in the 'made-in-heaven' marriages and relationships. And we always thought that if we During the first few months of their marriage, couples are usually in a sort of denial about each other’s negative qualities. But soon enough, a time comes when they can no longer turn a blind eye to those shortcomings all the time. The reality of living together and dealing with each other’s habits and quirks had to be faced. That’s when the problems start and fights begin. So they start to get on to each other's nerves. And they feel.... this is not right..... When they are disappointed or angry, they think.... this is bad. Sometimes the fights are so ugly and bleak that they even take away the real pleasure of being together.
Sometimes the couples are even forced to reconsider whether they should really stay together at all.
Like me, most people think that if they are fighting, that means that their relationship is in trouble. But the fact is that couples don't break up because their fighting is causing a problem in their relationship, but rather because problems in their relationship are causing fights. And so the key to a happy marriage/relationship is actually identifying those problem areas and resolving those issues as best as you can ....and as soon as you can. No matter how angry or disappointed you might be, it is worth its while to try and express your grievances, expectations and feelings.

Holding your tongue and suppressing your anger does more harm than good. Getting sad over things that irritate you and giving your partner the “silent treatment” does not comprise healthy resolution of marital conflict. The best way to do so is to talk honestly and respectfully. Talking makes you feel understood and allow your partner to support you. Talking also gives you perspective. You don’t feel like you are alone. Be equally open to your partner’s feelings. Remember your partner may have a different view. But that view of reality may be just as real as yours. There are not many objective realities


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Relationship......who can knw better than u.....!!!!!& very well written....!!!!!